GeoSnake for Android (EN)

Play the classic Snake game on your mobile device while learning geography. It has two languages available, English and Spanish. And now it is available an online ranking with the best historical and daily scores, thanks to Scoreloop. GeoSnake includes several game modes, each with different difficulty, for all level players:

  • Learn mode:  The classic Snake. One city and one name. Simply go to the position shown while you learn countries and capitals. Do not crash with your tail or you will loose.

  • Exam mode:  Test your knowledge with several cities on the map and only one city name where you should go. Beware, if you fail your score will drop and the snake speed will increase faster.

  • Blind mode:  Only the map, your snake and a name. Visit the city without watching any point on the map.

Current available versions:

Paid version (Include all maps and no ads):
Free versions (with ads):